Do you believe in Ghosts? After experiencing our 1 1/2 hour walk around Historic Downtown Owensboro you just might. Our Ghost Tour is the one people are dying to take. We tell tales of Haunts, Hangings and Voodoo.

No 7:00pm tour Fri 17th and Sat 18th Oct. This year starting Oct 3rd and every Weekend in Oct except Halloween weekend, we will have two exciting tours! One of these tours is the Downtown ghost tour. This paticular tour will feature some of the historical figures who haunt these places. We will have special guest stars portraying these key figures. Plus, we will be going into one of the most haunted resturants (Beebops) in downtown Owensboro, Ky. This tour will start at the Creme Coffee House 107 east second street Owensboro Ky. It starts at 7:00 pm sharp! If it rains tours will not be cancelled! Tours will be moved into the Theatre Workshop if it rains. 

Our other tour starts at 9:30 pm at the 407 West 5th street, Theatre Workshop of Owenwboro. This one is for the thrill seekers who love to ghost hunt! We will be going inside not only the Theatre but a portion of a Haunted Funeral home Haley/McGinnis Funeral Home. We will be served refreshments at the Funeral home! We This tour will feature new stops that are not on the regular tour. This features a tour inside and outside Old Trinity Church which was built in 1875, the facility is considered one of the most haunted buildings in the tri-state. Yes we will ghost hunt on this tour! Ask about The Halloween night ghost tour!!!!!

Check out our web-site for more information on ghost tours and don't miss our evidence page for awesome, real ghost photos, videos and E.V. Ps. Whether you are an individual or a ghost hunting group, we can give you a delightfully gruesome look at haunted spots in Owensboro. We have new stops, special guest, and investagations!!! This is more than just your averge historic tour!

Tours are available from now until mid-November. The downtown Tours start at The Creme Coffee House 107 East second st. This tour start time is 7:00 pm, but please call 270-313-5596 to make sure.  Reservations and credit card payment can be made on our web page or by calling 270-313-5596. Tour costs are $15 for adults and $7 for children under the age of 12. If you wish to go on both tours it's only $25.  Cash is not accepted at the tour site. the Theatre Workshop Tour starts at 9:30. At the theatre itself.

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Make your reservations today!

This is a walking tour, those with disabilaties please let Mr. Wolfe know so possible further arrangements can be made. 



If you're a ghost hunting group and want to investigate one of the most haunted spots in Western Kentucky, (The Theatre Workshop)then call for reservations! We can get you into this place!

For Reservations call 270-313-5596



We are now doing Birthday Ghost tours! Call Mr. Wolfe and book for a very fun and interactive Birthday. Call 270-313-5596 for more info.



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