Haunts Of Owensboro



For more than a hundred years, the citizens of Owensboro, Kentucky cultivated an impressive array of performing arts organizations.  However, deficient facilities encumbered growth: groups were forced to use abandoned churches and hotels, school assembly halls, and other limiting spaces.

Through the years, several efforts to build an arts center fell short and were abandoned.  In 1988, state government awarded Owensboro a $4.5 million challenge grant. That grant was more than doubled with $10.7 million in local funds, including a remarkable $9 million from 3,000 individuals and businesses.   Fundraising efforts continue to build endowments for programming and maintenance.
Construction commenced in early 1991 and RiverPark Center opened in September 1992.

RiverPark is our premiere civic landmark on the downtown riverfront. RiverPark helps our region attract and retain good people, good families, good companies, overnight visitors, conventions and ghost!!!!!!!!!!The ghost here tends to put on their own show from time to time. Come and listen to Mr. Wolfe tell you about the lady in white who's been known to show herself on more than one occasion in the back of Cannon hall walking on a grid above! This is one of more stories about this place! Some say this place is fairly new well---let me tell you its fairly haunted too!!!


Watch for more pics and encounters coming soon!!!


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