About the Tour
The Haunts of Owensboro is a historic downtown walking tour created by David Wolfe. When Owensboro was in the planning stages of its' downtown development project Wolfe realized the city did not have any historic walking tours. He thought a program of this type would be a great addition to the city's attractions and would be an asset to the tourist industry. After countless hours of research and numerous interviews with local citizens and historians, Wolfe decided that a tour describing Owensboro's true ghost stories would be an excellent project.

Around that same time, Wolfe traveled through Savannah, Georgia and was introduced to that city's history on just such a tour. In September 2007 Wolfe pulled all of his historical information together, analyzed his experience in Savannah and offered his first Haunts of Owensboro ghost walk. As the saying goes "the rest was history."

The ghost walk tour starts at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 401 west 2nd Street.  Ghost walkers gather at The hampton Inn and can enjoy coffee or a snack before the walking adventure begins. A popular local haunt included on the tour is the Old Trinity Church which houses Theatre Workshop of Owensboro. The church, built in 1875, is considered one of the most haunted buildings in the tri-state area.

Click on our tour page for more information and to book a reservation. Come have a spooktacular time on Owensboro's only ghost tour.


   David Wolfe's Biography

Here it is --- a short version of my life story. I was born in Coshocton, Ohio September 9, 1971 to Dave and Jan Rose Wolfe. My dad managed a shoe store and my mom worked in a sewing factory. When I was very young my parents divorced and I travelled back and forth between their homes. As my parent's lives and jobs changed they moved around quite a bit. By the time I was 13 we landed in Owensboro and I have always considered it my second hometown.

I graduated from the community college and tried my luck in the music industry with a move to Nashville. I ended up back in Owensboro, got married, started a family and returned to college. My love of history bubbled to the surface and so I earned a degree in history from Brescia Univeristy.

I have always been a history buff and love to tell and listen to stories. History and storytelling are connected for me. Some of my fondest memories are Christmas Eves when my family gathered around the fireplace at my grandmother's house, to tell stories and exchange gifts. Grandma and Grandpa McFarland, both my parents and other assorted relatives were all natural storytellers so it seems a way of life for me.

Outside my family, an important individual in my storytelling background is Joe Ford. I first met Mr. Ford when he came to our school at Halloween time to tell us spooky stories. Later, I visited his museum and heard his stories of Owensboro's history. I have also been helped along with my Haunts of Owensboro project by William (Todd) Reynolds, Ron Mayhew, the public library staff, members of Downtown Owensboro, Belinda Thomson and the book Sixty Years of Owensboro.

The way I grew up, my education, my love of history and people I have met along the way have all combined to help me in the creation of my Haunts of Owensboro project. There you have it in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy my website, my tour and my stories.

Keep watching ---I will have more in the future.

Yours truly,

David Wolfe II